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About Haas Automation

Founded by Gene Haas in 1983, Haas Automation has always produced top-quality products at affordable prices. By relying on volume sales rather than per-unit profits to build the company, Haas Automation delivers more standard features, high-tech innovations, and rock-solid engineering than perhaps any other CNC manufacturer in the world – and at better prices!

About Haas
Haas Service

Legendary Service Support


Certified Technicians

Each Haas distributor fields a fully staffed service department with factory-trained personnel. Haas owners receive state-of-the-art service through a worldwide network of distributors.

On-Shelf Parts Availability

All Haas distributors stock an extensive inventory of service and maintenance parts for quick access. In addition, the California headquarters will ship a needed replacement part to the HFO the same day it's ordered – 99% of the time.

Haas Platinum One-Call Service

Our Platinum One-Call policy provides expert service and a dependable, immediate response to keep your machines running. Through our worldwide network of Haas Factory Outlets, we've built an elite crew of service technicians who focus exclusively on Haas machines.

New Machine Installation

New Haas machines are always installed by an authorized Haas distributor at no extra charge.

Parts Exchange Program

Haas Automation offers a core-rebate program that covers most major parts and components. In most cases, Haas will refund a portion of the cost for a new part once the old part has been returned. Additionally, Haas believes that reasonably priced replacement parts are a big part of a machine's overall true value.

One-Call Service


One Call Is All It Takes

At Haas, we know that the only way you make money is by making chips, and that means keeping your Haas equipment running in top condition. Our Platinum One-Call policy provides expert service and a dependable, immediate response to keep you making chips. Through our worldwide network of Haas Factory Outlets, we've built an elite crew of factory-trained and certified service technicians who focus exclusively on Haas machines. Arriving in fully stocked Haas service vans, our technicians will successfully repair your machine the first time out more than 90% of the time.

Telephone : (+62)21-89970904
Fax : (+62)21-89970905

The Platinum One-Call Service Difference

  • 24-hour / 7-day service
  • Fully stocked service vans
  • Inside technical support and coordination
  • Factory-certified service technicians
  • Call technical support
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Applications skill training
  • On-shelf replacement parts availability

Preventive Maintenance


Platinum Total Care System

You have the oil in your car changed on a regular basis, right? While you're at it, you might as well rotate the tires and have the brakes, belts and hoses checked for signs of wear. Good idea, right?

The same thing goes for your Haas machine tool. You can dramatically extend the life of your Haas machine by detecting problems before costly damage occurs. Have a factory-certified Haas Service Technician keep your machines in top working order so that you can do what you do best – make money!

  • Preventive maintenance performed by HFO factory-certified service technicians
  • Flexible programs offer the coverage you need
  • A logical investment that will pay for itself
  • Technicians arrive with the tools and parts to get the job done the first time
  • Keeps your Haas machine well adjusted and operating in top condition
  • Helps keep the inner workings of your Haas machine clean, well lubricated and in good working condition
  • Helps identify potential problems with your Haas machine before they develop into large problems, causing downtime

Typical PM Procedures

Coolant System

  • Remove/check pump and motor

Way Lube System

  • Inspect filters
  • Inspect lines and fittings
  • Check operation
  • Verify lube/pump operation

Air System

  • Inspect filters
  • Check pressure/adjust regulator
  • Inspect system for leaks

Electrical System

  • Clean electrical cabinet
  • Check voltages
  • Inspect connections/terminals
  • Replace tool-change relays
  • Inspect electrical-ground connections
  • Replace or clean fan filter
  • Check limit switches/safety locks
  • Inspect motor brushes, remove dust*

Mechanical System

  • Check machine level
  • Verify spindle sweep
  • Check gear-shift operation*
  • Check spindle lube and air blast
  • Check spindle-orientation alignment
  • Check shot-pin operation*
  • Change gearbox oil
  • Inspect drive belts
  • Inspect and adjust tool-changer system
  • Inspect spindle-taper condition
  • Inspect way covers and wipers
  • Check drawbar height
  • Inspect rigid-tap encoder operation*
  • Check tool-change operation
  • Clean/lubricate tool changer
  • Inspect counterbalance system
  • Inspect lines, hoses & cables

Lathes Only

  • Verify turret/spindle alignment

* If applicable; additional charges may apply.


Special PM Diagnostics

  • Ball bar calibration – Used as a diagnostic tool, the ball bar tests and verifies the positioning accuracy and repeatability of your machine tool.
  • Vibration analyzer – Measures and records machine vibration characteristics within the drive system.
  • Verifies machine vibration against established criteria. Isolates potential problems while still manageable.
  • Use as a benchmark for future vibration tests to plot machine wear over time.

* Preventive Maintenance programs can be purchased from your local HFO. Call for details.